Using Ethernet in TI's Code Composer Studio (CCS)

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In current versions of the TI Code Composer Studio (CCS), the host interface to the J-Link (USB / Ethernet) can not be specified in the project settings.


Make sure that no J-Link is connected to the PC via USB. Now, when starting a debug session, the J-Link DLL noticed that no J-Link is connected and the Emulator selection dialog pops up, which allows to connect to a J-Link via Ethernet (TCP/IP):
CCS EmulatorSelectionDialog.png
Now, enter the desired connection method and confirm the dialog with Yes. If nothing specified, the J-Link DLL shows a list of all J-Links found via TCP/IP. Afterwards, CCS establishes a connection via TCP/IP to the selected J-Link.


  • The work-around can be used with any J-Link with Ethernet interface.
  • Currently, the work-around is available for Windows, only.
  • Emulator selection dialog for MAC / Linux is already planned for future versions.
  • Native host interface selection, using the GUI in CCS, is also planned for future versions.