Using User Build Steps in Embedded Studio

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SEGGER Embedded Studio also offers an option to use User Build Steps to further automate and expand a build setup. With User Build Steps external tools can be called via command line interface which can then execute tasks at certain hook points after e.g. a build or linking process.

The following sample will show such a setup where an Output hex file is generated by the project through the build. This file will then be opened by the external tool J-Flash from the J-Link software and documentation package and convert this file from hex to bin.

The project is setup to work standalone so only Embedded Studio must be installed. In your own implementation you can of course call any tool from anywhere on your filesystem.

Example Setup

The setup guide will be based on the following software component:

  • Embedded Studio V4.30c or later

The example project can be found here: SES_User_Build_Steps_Example


  1. Download and install Embedded Studio V4.30c or later
  2. Unzip the example project
  3. Open the emProject file
  4. Build the project
  5. Now a file called Test.bin should appear in the main project directory where the .emProject file is located