ZNEQ32 Z32F0xx3 series

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This article describes device specifics of the Zilog ZNEQ32 Z32F0xx3 series devices.

Disable Read/Write protection

The ZNEQ32 Z32F0xx3 series allows within it's configuration option area in page 1 to configure the read and erase/write protection of the internal FLASH. At address 0x1FFFF200 the read protection of the internal flash can be configured, and at address 0x1FFFF240 the erase/write protection of Flash can be configured.


In case the complete device is erased by "Chip erase" or in case especially option page 1 gets erased and doesn't get reprogrammed correctly before the next reset, read access to FLASH gets lost.


To acquire FLASH read access again execute in J-Flash "Unsecure Chip" On each connect the J-LINK checks for a read protection and offers to "Unsecure Chip" Side effect unsecuring the chip triggers a mass erase.