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emIDE is based on Codeblocks (codeblocks.org), GCC ARM and SEGGER's J-Link debugger as hardware interface, it is easy to use, fast, powerful and quite intuitive. The IDE's look and feel is similar to Microsoft's Visual studio and NOT Eclipse based. In comparison to professional IDEs supporting J-Link, some features are basic such as memory and register window, but it is fully usable. With J-Link, programs can easily be downloaded into RAM or Flash and fully debugged. emIDE comes with sample projects for ARM7 and Cortex-M devices.

Using an emIDE Project With J-Link

In order to use J-Link with emIDE, the latest J-Link software and documentation package needs to be installed. emIDE comes with sample projects which run out-of-the-box with J-Link. Please verify that the J-Link software is up to date before start working with emIDE.

After installing the latest J-Link software and documentation package (to make sure that a current GDBServer is installed), start emIDE and follow the instructions below:

Used Components

IDE Debug Probe J-Link SW Version Evalboard
emIDE J-Link BASE V4.66 Atmel AT91SAM7S64-EK

(Atmel AT91SAM7S64)


  • Select File | Open...
  • Select sample project Blinky_AT91SAM7S64_CB.cbp from $emIDE_Dir$\arm\Examples\ATMEL\AT91SAM764\Blinky
  • Click Open

emIDE Tutorial 1.png

  • Now emIDE should look like as follows:

emIDE Tutorial 2.png

  • Select Debug / Continue to start the debug session. The J-Link GDBServer is started automatically:

emIDE Tutorial 3.png

  • Now you can start debugging using J-Link.

emIDE Tutorial 4.png