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This article covers the NXP i.MXRT1020 series devices. As for all i.MXRT10xx devices, JTAG is not active per default. Instead SWD can be used. To activate JTAG on this target device eFuses must be set. For more information see the corresponding target reference manual.

QSPI support

The RT1020 does not come with internal flash but with external flash connected to the FlexSPI bus, only. The external FlexSPI controller allows to connect several different flash types like QSPI and HyperFlash. Furthermore, the external flash can be connected to different pin / ports of the FlexSPI controller which makes a auto-detection very difficult thus a out-of-the-box solution which works for all setups is kind of impossible. For that reason, the J-Link software supports the evaluation board setup, only. Other setups may work but without any warranty or guarantee from SEGGER. If you are working with a different setup and looking for support for this setup, please get in touch with SEGGER.

Supported QSPI setup

  • J-Link Software: >= V6.64
  • Hardware: NXP MIMXRT1020-EVK
  • Flash: IS25LP064A (QSPI) connected to FlexSPI port A
Signal Name GPIO name
FlexSPI_D0_A GPIO_SD_B1_08
FlexSPI_D1_A GPIO_SD_B1_10
FlexSPI_D2_A GPIO_SD_B1_09
FlexSPI_D3_A GPIO_SD_B1_06

Example Application

The application toggles the green USER_LED (D5) on the MIMXRT1020-EVK evaluation board. The application is linked into the external flash. It includes a valid boot header so it also runs stand-alone.