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Each embOS shipment contains various board support packages for different devices and evaluation boards. Each board support package comes with the required initialization code to execute embOS on that device, as well as a sample project for the IDE of your choice.

Introduction to embOS board support packages

An embOS board support package (BSP) makes it easy to run embOS on a specific hardware. Although embOS for one specific core supports every device with that core, some device and board specific routines need to be implemented.

An embOS board support package consists of two parts:

  • The required device and board specific software routines.
  • A project for your IDE with which embOS allows to execute on your hardware out of the box.

Most of the routines are specific to the selected device. For example, this includes

  • the startup code and vector table
  • the interrupt controller initialization
  • a hardware timer initialization

The board specific routines are for example:

  • LED initialization/control
  • External memory initialization
  • UART initialization for a specific board connector (used for embOSView)

An embOS BSP for one hardware may also be used on another hardware that features the same device, since most of the routines are device specific, but not board specific.
The embOS BSP code is implemented as source code in the files RTOSInit.c and BSP.c. Further BSP files like BSP_Uart.c are optional.

What's included

All necessary initialization code to run embOS and a project for the IDE of your choice.

What's not included

The embOS board support package does not include any code for additional peripherals like I²C or SPI.
If those are required, hardware abstraction layers from your silicon vendor (e.g. STM32Cube HAL) seamlessly integrate with embOS.

Where to find the BSPs in the embOS shipment

Every embOS shipment includes a folder /Start/BoardSupport, which includes further sub-folders grouped by silicon and board vendors. In each of these sub-folders you will find one or more board support packages. Each board support package is named <device name>_<board name>.

embOS BSP folders

What shall I do when no BSP for my specific hardware was included with the embOS shipment?

In case no BSP for your exact hardware was shipped with embOS, you may choose to:

  • use a BSP for another evaluation board but with the same device
  • create the BSP on your own
  • contact SEGGER to create the BSP

In the latter case please send us detailed information about your hardware. The hardware can be an evalboard or even your custom hardware.


If you want to run embOS on a specific device and hardware please select the according embOS port first. This embOS port must support the core of your device and the compiler of your choice. You can then check if an according BSP is already included.

In case of doubt please don't hesitate to contact us.