Connect to remote J-Link via J-Link Tunnel Server

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The J-Link Remote Server makes it possible for Embedded Studio to connect to a J-Link remotely, without needing a physical connection to the J-Link.

In order to connect to a J-Link Remote Server using Embedded Studio, follow these instructions:

  • Open your project options (right click on your project in the Project Explorer and select Options)
  • Under Debug select the J-Link menu item
  • Edit the Host connection field
Project options
  • In the property editor, set the Host Connection
    • For a remote server running in LAN mode, enter "IP <RemoteServerIP>".
    • For a remote server running in tunneling mode, enter "IP tunnel:<SN/Nickname>[:<Pasword>[:tunnelserver[:port]]]"
Property editor for J-Link host connection
  • Click OK

From then on, the J-Link is handled the same as if it was connected directly via USB.