Cypress S6J33xxx series devices

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This article describes device specifics for the Cypress S6J33xxx series devices.

Flash Programming with 16MHz external oscillator

In case the default external 4MHz oscillator is replaced with a 16 MHz oscillator it is necessary to adapt the PLL configuration of the flashalgorithm, as during prepare the PLL is set to the maximum frequency of 240MHz based on an oscillator with 4MHz. External oscillators with higher frequencies will lead to a configuration out of specification. The following pex-file configurates the PLL correctly for an external oscillator of 16MHz:

  1. Download the following Pex-file (File:Cypress S6J33xx.pex).
  2. Rename the Pex-file in the following folder ...\JLink\Devices\Cypress\Traveo_S6J3300
  3. Copy the downloaded Pex-file into the same folder.

Now the programming algorithm initiates the PLL with 240MHz for a 16MHz external oscillator, in case no other PLL has been set before.

Note: If you have another oscillator and you need an adapted pex-file, please get in contact with SEGGER.