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[[Installation on newer Linux Versions]]
[[Installation on newer Linux Versions]]
== Performance ==
[[Resolving slow build / high CPU usage issues]]
== Project Setup and Build ==
== Project Setup and Build ==

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Embedded Studio, is a complete all-in-one solution for managing, building, testing and deploying your embedded applications: From the Project Generator which gets you easily started with common ARM microcontrollers, to the powerful Project Manager and source code Editor, the included C/C++ Compiler and the integrated Debugger with advanced debug information windows and direct J-Link integration, right through to version control features for automatic deployment of your applications.

Embedded Studio's uses a style similar to Microsoft's Visual Studio. It brings the same intuitive usage that PC developers are familiar with to the world of embedded engineering.

This wiki page explains and links to details and device specifics that can not be found on the Embedded Studio Product page.

Installation & Licensing

Get a License for Nordic Semiconductor Devices

Installation on newer Linux Versions


Resolving slow build / high CPU usage issues

Project Setup and Build

Port Projects from IAR Embedded Workbench to Embedded Studio

Use an external Toolchain with Embedded Studio

Create a RAM Function

Add new Memory Sections and Segments


Configure ETB Trace in Embedded Studio

Configure SWO in Embedded Studio

Enable RTOS Awareness in Embedded Studio

Connect to remote J-Link via J-Link Tunnel Server

Version Control

VCS Configuration