GigaDevice GD32VW5

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The GigaDevice GD32VW5 are RISC-V Nuclei core based microprocessors with WIFI and BLE.

Flash Banks

Internal Flash

Flash Bank Base address Size J-Link Support
Internal Flash 0x08000000 Up to 4 MB YES.png

If J-Link detects any write protected flash pages the user is offered a unprotect of them before connecting to the device. Then OBWPR0 and OBWPR1 will be set to 0x000003FF.

Watchdog Handling

  • The device has 2 watchdogs WDGT and FWDGT.
  • The watchdogs are fed during flash programming.

Device Specific Handling


If J-Link detects a security protected device (SPC[7:0] != 0xAA) the user is offered a unprotect before connecting to the device. If user chooses unprotect, the device will be erased and OBR set to 0x00000EAA.


  • The devices uses normal RISC-V reset, no special handling necessary, like described here.

Evaluation Boards

Example Application