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=USB driver not found=
#REDIRECT [[J-Trace PRO Cortex-M]]
J-Trace PRO V2 Cortex-M and J-Trace PRO V2 Cortex do not use the SEGGER USB driver like J-Links do, but they use WinUSB instead. WinUSB was distributed by Microsoft via Windows Update so in case a USB device needed WinUSB, Windows downloaded it automatically in the background, where necessary. However, Microsoft changed their policy for Windows Vista / Windows 7 and WinUSB is no longer distributed via Windows Update. This may now lead to "no USB driver found" like problems when connecting J-Trace PRO to a PC for the first time.
==Affected Operating Systems==
*Microsoft Windows 7
*Microsoft Windows Vista
The easiest way to solve the driver issue is to install the required drivers manually. Please find below a step-by-step instruction:
#Download the following archive: [[:Media:180112_WinUSBDriverInstall.zip|WinUSBDriverInstall.zip]]
#Execute the InstallDriver.exe
If you still run into any issues, please contact SEGGER directly.
=J-Trace detected as HP Printer BIDI=
J-Trace PRO is incorrectly detected as a HP printer device. This is a problem with the HP BIDI printer driver and Windows 7 / Vista. The wrong driver is assigned to J-Trace and it cannot be used with the J-Link/J-Trace software. This happens on PCs where the HP BIDI driver is installed '''before''' any J-Trace was ever connected to the PC. In order to fix this, the correct driver needs to be assigned to J-Trace manually. This only needs to be done once.
* Open the Windows device manager
* Open the USB devices tree. There should be a HP BIDI device shown which is really a J-Trace. (Check if the device is removed from the list if J-Trace is disconnected to make sure the correct USB device is selected) [[File:JTrace_HPBIDI_1.png|List J-Trace incorrectly|thumb|none]]
* Right-click the USB device and click '''Properties''' [[File:JTrace_HPBIDI_2.png|Properties|thumb|none]]
* Go to the '''Driver''' tab and click '''Update Driver...''' [[File:JTrace_HPBIDI_3.png|Update Driver|thumb|none]]
* Click '''Browse my computer for driver software''' [[File:JTrace_HPBIDI_4.png|Browse Drivers|thumb|none]]
* Click '''Let me pick from a list [...]''' [[File:JTrace_HPBIDI_5.png|Pick driver from list|thumb|none]]
* Select '''WinUsb Device''' and click '''Next''' [[File:JTrace_HPBIDI_6.png|Select WinUSB|thumb|none]]
* Windows will show that the new driver has been assigned successfully [[File:JTrace_HPBIDI_7.png|New driver applied|thumb|none]]
* Check that J-Trace is now correctly listed as WinUSB device [[File:JTrace_HPBIDI_8.png|List J-Trace correctly|thumb|none]]
==Affected Operating Systems==
*Microsoft Windows 7
*Microsoft Windows Vista
If you still run into any issues, please contact SEGGER directly.

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