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This article describes specifics for the NXP MIMXRT106A-ALEXA2 IoT evaluation board.

TBD NXP JN5189-DK006.jpg

Minimum requirements

  • J-Link software V6.83c or later

Preparing for J-Link

  • Connect the J-Link to the SWD header (J6)
  • Power the board via USB C cable (CON1)
  • Verify the Connection with e.g. J-Link Commander. The output should look as follows:

TBD NXP QN9090 Connect.PNG

Example Project


   J-Link software: V6.82a
   Embedded Studio: V4.50
   Hardware: NXP MIMXRT595-EVK (Rev C1)
   Link: File:NXP MIMXRT595-EVK-RevC1 QSPI ES.zip

The application toggles the red LED on the NXP MIMXRT106A-ALEXA2 IoT evaluation board. The application is linked into the external flash. It includes a valid boot header so it also runs stand-alone. SETUP