NXP NxH3675

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The NXP NxH3675 are ultra-low power, Cortex-M0+ based wireless microcontrollers supporting Bluetooth Low Energy. This article covers the NXP (Cortex-M0+ dual-core).

Internal Flash

Supported Regions

The internal flash is divided into 2 different regions:

  • Reserved by NXP region (0x9EC00 - 0x9FFFF)
  • Application space (0x00000 - 0x9EBFF)

For now, the J-Link supports the application space, only.

ECC flash

The flash is ECC protected. Read fails for sectors with invalid ECC (e.g. erased sectors). In order to prevent errors when reading empty sectors, the DLL do neither perform a blank check nor a compare of the flash content before programming.


The J-Link software performs a device specific reset for this device.

Evaluation Boards

Example Application