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This article describes device specifics of the ST STM32F0 series devices. The STM32F0 devices are Cortex-M0 based MCUs with low-power functionality.

Internal Flash

The following flash regions are supported by J-Link.

Device Range Total size
STM32F0xxx4 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_3FFF 16 KB
STM32F0xxx6 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_7FFF 32 KB
STM32F0xxx8 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_FFFF 64 KB
STM32F0xxxB 0x0800_0000 - 0x0801_FFFF 128 KB
STM32F0xxxC 0x0800_0000 - 0x0803_FFFF 256 KB
All (opt. bytes) 0x1FFF_F800 - 0x1FFF_F80F 16 bytes


For the STM32F0 devices, the Cortex-M default reset strategy is used.

Debug specific

Please refer to the general STM32 article

Option Byte Programming in J-Flash

J-Flash supports programming of the option bytes for STM32F0 devices. In order to program the option bytes simply choose the appropriate Device, which allows option byte programming, in the CPU settings tab (e.g. STM32F030CC (allow opt. bytes)). J-Flash will allow programming a virtual 16-byte sector at address 0x06000000 which represents the 8 option bytes and their complements. You do not have to care about the option bytes complements since they are calculated automatically. The following table describes the structure of the option bytes sector:

Address [31:24] [23:16] [15:08] [07:00]
0x06000000 complement Option byte 1 complement Option byte 0
0x06000004 complement Option byte 3 complement Option byte 2
0x06000008 complement Option byte 5 complement Option byte 4
0x0600000C complement Option byte 7 complement Option byte 6
  • Writing a value of 0xFF inside option byte 0 will read-protect the STM32F0. In order to keep the device unprotected you have to write the key value 0xAA into option byte 0.
  • The address 0x06000000 is a virtual address only. The option bytes are originally located at address 0x1FFFF800. The remap from 0x06000000 to 0x1FFFF800 is done automatically by J-Flash.


To program the option bytes 2 and 3 with the values 0xAA and 0xBB, but leave the device unprotected your option byte sector (at addr 0x06000000) should look like as follows:

Address [31:24] [23:16] [15:08] [07:00]
0x06000000 0x00 0xFF 0x55 0xAA
0x06000004 0x44 0xBB 0x55 0xAA
0x06000008 0x00 0xFF 0x00 0xFF
0x0600000C 0x00 0xFF 0x00 0xFF

For a detailed description of each option byte, please refer to ST reference manual RM0091, section "Option bytes".

Securing/unsecuring the device

Please refer to the generic wiki-article: STM32#MCU_Security