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This article describes device specifics of the ST STM32L0 series devices. The STM32L0 devices are Cortex-M0 based low power MCUs.


The following flash regions are supported by J-Link.

Device Range Total size
Main flash memory
STM32L0xxx3 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_1FFF 8 KB
STM32L0xxx4 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_3FFF 16 KB
STM32L0xxx6 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_7FFF 32 KB
STM32L0xxx8 0x0800_0000 - 0x0800_FFFF 64 KB
STM32L0xxxB 0x0800_0000 - 0x0801_FFFF 128 KB
STM32L0xxxZ 0x0800_0000 - 0x0802_FFFF 192 KB
Option bytes [1]
All 0x1FF8_0000 - 0x1FF8_001F 32 bytes


For the STM32L0 devices, the Cortex-M default reset strategy is used.

Debug specific

Please refer to the generic STM32 article.

Option byte programming

Please refer to the generic STM32 article.

Securing/unsecuring the device

Please refer to the generic STM32 article.