Setting read out protection on STM32F0 devices

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The STM32F0 series devices have different levels of read protection. The level of read protection has to be specified in the RDP byte which is part of the option bytes at address 0x1FFFF800. A special sequence, consisting of different read / write accesses to special function registers of the MCU are required to change the value of the RDP byte (examples below).

The table below describes the different configuration options:

RDP byte value RDP complement value Read protection level
0xAA 0x55 Level 0 - No protection
((!= 0xAA) && (!= 0xCC)) Any value Level 1 (default) - Read protection
0xCC 0x33 Level 2 - No debug access

For further information regarding this topic, please refer to the ST STM32F0 user manual.

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