Triple Core Debugging on LPC4367 with Embedded Studio

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This article describes how to setup triple core debugging with SEGGER Embedded Studio.

Required soft- and hardware

The sample project has been tested with the following components:

  • J-Link
  • NXP LPCXpresso43xx (OM13088) evaluation board
  • J-Link software beta version V6.01f or later
  • SEGGER Embedded Studio V3.10

Running the sample project

Every core increments a 32bit counter in a shared shared memory area (0x10001F00 - 0x10001FFF).

To run the sample project at first compile and start the project M4 within LPC4367_Multicore with Embedded Studio. Then open a second instance of Embedded Studio with the project M0APP within LPC4367_Multicore. Compile and start the second project. Then open a third instance of Embedded Studio with the project M0SUB within LPC4367_Multicore. Compile and start the third project. Now you can independently run, halt and step all three cores. Please note that starting the Cortex-M4 will issue a system reset and affect all cores, so the Cortex-M4 always has to be started before the Cortex-M0 cores.

Included files

Filename Content
Readme.txt Readme file with instructions for debugging
LPC4367_Multicore\LPC4367_Multicore.emProject Project file with M0/M4 projects
LPC4367_Multicore\M0APP\* Cortex M0 APP core project source files
LPC4367_Multicore\M0SUB\* Cortex M0 SUB core project source files
LPC4367_Multicore\M4\* Cortex M4 core project source files

NXP LPC4350 Embedded Studio Projects

File:LPC4367 TripleCore Debug