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Welcome to the SEGGER Wiki

This Wiki has been created to answer questions about Embedded Systems in general and to explain terms used in this context (Knowledge Base), as well to have a place for information that is related to our products, but is too specific for the product descriptions on An example of something too specific is: "How to enable Trace on a particular Evaluation Board". It is a work in progress and we continue to make it better and more valuable . For any kind of feedback, please contact us at

Knowledge Base

The idea behind the knowledge base is to explain terms often used in combination with Embedded Computing Systems, or "Embedded Systems", as they are referred to in our industry. In addition, we would like to be a useful resource to engineers, students, and hobbyists programming Embedded Systems, typically microcontrollers, typically in C, C++, and some bits and pieces of Assembly language, by explaining things from a programmer's perspective and by providing useful code examples.

Examples of the terms we explain are below:

Knowledge Base has its own wiki page. To go there, click here.

Debug and Trace Probes - J-Link & J-Trace

The debug and trace probes have their own wiki page here:

The individual product pages on can be accessed here:

Glossary / Definitions

Embedded Studio

SEGGER Embedded Studio has its own wiki page. To go there, click here.

There is also a product page on To go there, click here.





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