Analog ADuCM410

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The Analog Devices ADuCM410 devices series are Cortex-M33 based 32-bit microcontrollers.

Internal Flash

J-Link supports flash programming for the following devices of the ADuCM410 series:

  • ADuCM410
  • ADuCM412

All supported devices have a two 512 KB flash banks, totaling a flash size of 1024 KB.

Flash bank Start Address End address Sectors Sector size Bank size
Bank 0 0x00000000 0x0007FFFF 64 8 KB 512 KB
Bank 1 0x00080000 0x000FFFFF 64 8 KB 512 KB
The highest four bytes of each flash bank (e.g. 0x7FFFC-0x7FFFF) are used for ECC.