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The Geehy G32A1xx are Cortex-M4 based MCUs. Following information also applies for devices of the Geehy G32A1xx family.

Internal Flash

Supported Regions

The internal flash is divided into 3 different regions:

  • Program flash area starting at 0x00000000 with up to 512KB
  • FlexNVM area starting at 0x10000000 with 64KB
  • RAM/EEPROM area starting at 0x14000000 with 4KB

For now, J-Link supports Program flash and FlexNVM.

Option Byte Programming

The G32A1 series devices have a flash configuration field at 0x00000400 which allow some "permanent" configuration as well as readout protection for the device. The option bytes become effective after a reset. The configuration field does not need any special program sequence and is part of the program flash area.


The G32A1 series devices come with both, ECC flash and ECC RAM. Refer to the ECC article for more information on the corresponding limitations.


No device specific reset is necessary. The normal Cortex-M reset is performed.

See here for more information:

If the program flash area is erased or fetching of the first instruction fails, the target will reset itself. Depending on the J-Link, the reset loop will be visualized by the status LEDs. However, this does not prevent the J-Link to establish a connection to the target.

Evaluation Boards