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J-Run is a test tool to automatically run an application on a target device and receive its terminal output.



JRun [options] elf-file
Option Default Description
-device str STM32F407IE Set device name to "str".
-if SWD/JTAG SWD Select SWD or JTAG as target interface.
-speed n 4000 Set interface speed to n kHz.
--rtt Auto Force RTT enabled.
--nortt Auto Force RTT disabled.
--semihost Auto Force semihosting enabled.
--nosemihost Auto Force semihosting disabled.
--exit str *STOP* Set exit wildcard to "str".
--quit On Automatically exit J-Run on application exit.
--wait Off Wait for key press on application exit.
--stderr Off Also send target output to stderr.
-s Off Work silently.
-v Off Increase verbosity.

Example Output

C:> jrun --wait JRun_Demo.elf
J-Run compiled Aug 15 2019 12:09:19
(c) 2018-2019 SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH    www.segger.com

Open application...OK
Set target device to STM32F407IE...OK
Select SWD interface...OK
Set interface speed to 4000 kHz...OK
Reset target...OK
Download 08000000-08002E19...OK
SEGGER_SEMIHOST_DebugHalt found at 0x00000000
Start target application...OK
Reading output from target until exit command.

SEGGER J-Run demo.
Took 2582433 cycles

J-Run finished. Press any key to exit.
C:> _
C:> jrun --silent JRun_Demo.elf
SEGGER J-Run demo.
Took 2582433 cycles
C:> _