J-Trace PRO Cortex-M V2

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This page contains the general, mechanical and electrical specifications as well as an overview of supported soft- and hardware features of the SEGGER J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M V2.


The J-Trace PRO Cortex-M V2 has been superseded and as such is considered a legacy device. This device is not eligible for support by SEGGER. Refer to the J-Link Model Overview for a list of most recent devices by SEGGER.
We recommend to make use of the SEGGER Trade-In-Program to upgrade to the current version of the product.

When new features are added, articles for legacy models may not be updated.

So if a feature is not mentioned here at all, it can be assumed as "not supported".

Hardware and Software Features

Hardware version 2
Hardware Features
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed YES.png
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed YES.png
WinUSB YES.png
Gigabit-Ethernet YES.png
cJTAG interface YES.png
JTAG interface YES.png
SWD interface YES.png
SWO interface YES.png
ETB Trace Cortex-M YES.png
ETM Trace Cortex-M YES.png
Streaming Trace YES.png
Memory Stop mode support YES.png
Cortex-M Monitor Mode debugging YES.png
5 V Target Supply YES.png
SWD Multi-Drop YES.png
CMSIS-DAP mode NO.png
ARM Cortex Cores
Cortex-A53 NO.png
Cortex-A57 NO.png
Cortex-A72 NO.png
Cortex-M0 YES.png
Cortex-M0+ YES.png
Cortex-M1 YES.png
Cortex-M3 YES.png
Cortex-M4 YES.png
Cortex-M7 YES.png
Cortex-M23 YES.png
Cortex-M33 YES.png
SC000 (M0 secure) YES.png
SC300 (M3 secure) YES.png
RV32 NO.png
RV64 NO.png