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(Hardware and Software Features)
(Hardware and Software Features)
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! style="text-align:left;"|Cortex-M33 || {{YES}}
! style="text-align:left;"|Cortex-M33 || {{YES}}
! style="text-align:left;"|Cortex-M85 || {{YES}}
! style="text-align:left;"|SC000 (M0 secure) || {{YES}}
! style="text-align:left;"|SC000 (M0 secure) || {{YES}}

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This page contains the general, mechanical and electrical specifications as well as an overview of supported soft- and hardware features of the SEGGER J-Trace PRO for Cortex V2.


The J-Trace PRO Cortex V2 has been superseded and as such is considered a legacy device. This device is not eligible for support by SEGGER. Refer to the J-Link Model Overview for a list of most recent devices by SEGGER.
We recommend to make use of the SEGGER Trade-In-Program to upgrade to the current version of the product.

When new features are added, articles for legacy models may not be updated.

So if a feature is not mentioned here at all, it can be assumed as "not supported".

Hardware and Software Features

Hardware version 2
Hardware Features
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed YES.png
USB 3.0 SuperSpeed YES.png
WinUSB YES.png
Gigabit-Ethernet YES.png
cJTAG interface YES.png
JTAG interface YES.png
SWD interface YES.png
SWO interface YES.png
ETB Trace Cortex YES.png
ETM Trace Cortex YES.png
PTM Trace Cortex YES.png
Streaming Trace YES.png
Memory Stop mode support YES.png
Cortex-M Monitor Mode debugging YES.png
5 V Target Supply YES.png
SWD Multi-Drop YES.png
CMSIS-DAP mode NO.png
ARM Cortex Cores
Cortex-A5 YES.png
Cortex-A7 YES.png
Cortex-A8 YES.png
Cortex-A9 YES.png
Cortex-A12 YES.png
Cortex-A15 YES.png
Cortex-A17 YES.png
Cortex-A53 NO.png
Cortex-A57 NO.png
Cortex-A72 NO.png
Cortex-R4 YES.png
Cortex-R5 YES.png
Cortex-R8 YES.png
Cortex-M0 YES.png
Cortex-M0+ YES.png
Cortex-M1 YES.png
Cortex-M3 YES.png
Cortex-M4 YES.png
Cortex-M7 YES.png
Cortex-M23 YES.png
Cortex-M33 YES.png
Cortex-M85 YES.png
SC000 (M0 secure) YES.png
SC300 (M3 secure) YES.png
RV32 NO.png
RV64 NO.png