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SWO is supported on the STM32H743I-EVAL.


In order to make SWO working correctly, min. J-Link software V6.34 is required. Previous versions are not guaranteed to work correctly with SWO.

Sample projects

The following sample projects that demonstrate SWO on the STM32H743I-EVAL are available:

This example project does not require any extra settings by the user. The SWO stream can be viewed with e.g. J-Link SWO Viewer which is included in the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack and is available for free. This project was created with Embedded Studio V3.40.

  • IAR EWARM 8.22 sample project
  • Note: IAR does not handle the special setup needed for this particular target device automatically so SWO printf will only work when using Ozone. The example project contains a Ozone configuration that will work out-of-the-box.