Silicon Labs EFM32TG11B

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The Silicon Labs EFM32TG11B series belongs to the EFM32 device family from Silicon Labs.

Securing the device

In order to secure the device, it is necessary to program the desired protection bits into the "Lock Bits Page". This part of the flash is known by the J-Link DLL and can be memory mapped accessed / programmed as usual flash memory.

In the table below, you can find an short overview over the content of the Lock Bits flash page. Each item is one word (4 byte) in size. The page is memory-mapped starting at address 0x0FE04000.

For more details regarding the function of each bit, please refer to the corresponding reference manual (Page 138 - 6.3.2 Lock Bits (LB) Page Description) from SiLabs.

Name Description Offset in byte Absolute address
PLW[N] Main block page lock 0 - 0x1E4 0x0FE04000 - 0x0FE041E4
CLW0 Bootloader enable and pin reset soft bit 0x1E8 0x0FE041E8
ALW Authentication Access Port lock 0x1F0 0x0FE041F0
MLW Mass erase lock 0x1F4 0x0FE041F4
ULW User data page lock 0x1F8 0x0FE041F8
DLW Debug lock word 0x1FC 0x0FE041FC

Via J-Flash

In this example we will program the Lock bits via J-Flash.


  • EFM32TG11B device
  • J-Link with a valid J-Flash license included
  • J-Link Software installed


  1. Start J-Flash and create a new project
  2. Select the correct device
  3. Read back the "Lock Bits Page": Target -> Manual Programming -> Read back -> Range... and set the correct range (0xFE04000 to 0xFE041FC).
    Read back range

  4. Clear / set the bits you want to disable / enable and hit F7 to program.
    Example data of lock bits page