Syntacore SCR1

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The Syntacore SCR1 is a RISC-V based device which is supported by J-Link

J-Link support

Hardware requirements

Please note that a current J-Link model is needed for RISC-V support: Overview

Software requirements

J-Link supports the Syntacore SCR1 since the following J-Link software versions:

Example projects

Embedded Studio

The following example project requires SEGGER Embedded Studio for RISC-V. It downloads a simple Cnt++ loop into the 64 TCM @0xF0000000

Note: Please make sure to install SEGGER Embedded Studio first and after that the J-Link software package. At the end of the software package installation, you will be asked if you want to update SEGGER Embedded Studio to the latest J-Link SW. Please perform the update.

QSPI flash programming for this device is supported for the following versions:

Note: Currently only programming of the ISSI IS25LQ040B flash (the one mounted on the HiFive IoT board) is supported.

Available eval boards

The following eval boards that are based on the FE310 are available:

  • SiFive HiFive1