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This article coverst the NXP i.MXRT1176 family devices. As for all i.MXRT11xx devices, JTAG is not active per default. Instead SWD can be used. To activate JTAG on this target device eFuses must be set. For more information see the corresponding target reference manual.

Tracing on iMXRT1176 series

This section describes how to get started with trace on the NXP iMXRT1176 MCUs. This section assumes that there is already a basic knowledge about trace in general (what is trace, what different implementations of trace are there, etc.). If this is not the case, we recommend to read Trace chapter in the J-Link User Manual (UM08001).


  • The sample projects come with a pre-configured project file for Ozone that runs out-of-the box.
  • The following sample project is designed to be used with J-Trace PRO and Ozone to demonstrate streaming trace.
  • In order to rebuild the sample project, SEGGER Embedded Studio can be used.
  • All examples are shipped with a compiled .JLinkScriptfile (.pex), should you need the original source, please get in touch with SEGGER directly via our support system: https://www.segger.com/ticket/.

Tracing on NXP iMXRT1176 dual core

Minimum requirements

In order to use trace on the NXP iMXRT1176 MCU devices, the following minimum requirements have to be met:

  • J-Link software version V6.72b or later
  • Ozone V3.20 or later (if streaming trace and / or the sample project from below shall be used)
  • J-Trace PRO for Cortex-M HW version V1.0 or later for streaming trace

Streaming trace

The projects have been tested with the minimum requirements mentioned above. The board used for this example is not publicly available yet. To enable trace on the board some solder bridges had to be closed. For reference consult the manual of the board you are using. As the iMXRT1176 series is a dual core device two trace examples are available, one for the Cortex-M7 core and one for the Cortex-M4 core.

Tested Hardware


Example projects