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This article describes device specifics of Analog Devices ADuC7xxx series devices.

Software Reset

A special reset strategy has been implemented for Analog Devices ADuC7xxx MCUs. This special reset strategy is a software reset. "Software reset" means basically RESET pin is used to perform the reset, the reset is initiated by writing special function registers via software.

The software reset for Analog Devices ADuC7xxxx executes the following sequence:

  • The CPU is halted
  • A software reset sequence is downloaded to RAM.
  • A breakpoint at address 0 is set
  • The software reset sequence is executed.

It is recommended to use this reset strategy. This sequence performs a reset of CPU and peripherals and halts the CPU before executing instructions of the user program. It is the recommended reset sequence for Analog Devices ADuC7xxx MCUs and works with these devices only.