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The Infineon Eval-M1-1302 comes with an on board J-Link lite which can be used for debugging. Nonetheless an external debug probe can be connected as well. This article will cover just that for this particular eval board.

How to connect an external J-Link to the Eval-M1-1302 board

  • First disconnect the J-Link lite. Simply don't power the Debug & COM side through the USB-Micro input.
  • Connect your J-Link with jumper wires to the connector X204 debug marked red on the following picture.
Debug connector
J-Link debug interface Pin on eval debug connector
Pin 1 (VTref) Pin 3
Pin 4 (GND) Pin 5
Pin 7 (SWDIO) Pin 2
Pin 9 (SWCLK) Pin 1
  • Now power the eval board through the power connector marked red on the following picture. Connect GND to Pin 2 and 3.3 V to Pin 6.
Power connector
  • LED 101 should now light up.
  • If everything was connected correctly you should now be able to connect to the target device with your external J-Link debug probe.