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This article describes specifics for the GigaDevice GD32330x Familiy.

GD32330C-START evaluation board

GD322330C-START evaluation board

The GD32330C-START evaluation board based is based on a GigaDevice GD32F330CB (Cortex-M4).

Using J-Link with GD32330C-START

This section covers all necessary steps and requirements to establish a working connection with the J-Link to the GD32330C-START evaluation board.

Minimum requirements

Preparing for J-Link

The GD32330C-START does not come with a standard debug connector but populates the debug SWD signals, Ground and VTReff on JP1 (4 pads), located on the left side of the MCU. Therefore, these pads have to be wired manually to connect J-Link to the evaluation board.

Connection Guide

The following guide will describe how the GD32330C-START evaluation board can be connected to your J-Link Base V10 (or higher). Please note, that other J-Links might work as well but wiring might be slightly different. All needed information can be found in the probe related documentation.

  • Solder the pin headers to the pads listed in the table below, or simply solder pin headers to all pads on JP1.
  • Connect the board with e.g. jumper wires to your J-Link probe.
    • The table below lists the pads that need to be connected to the J-Link.
    • For information about the J-Link pinout please refer to the following page: J-Link SWD pinout.
J-Link 20 pin debug interface Pin on evaluation board
Pin 1 (VTref) +3V3
Pin 4 (GND) GND
Pin 7 (SWDIO) PA13
Pin 9 (SWCLK) PA14

The result should be looking like this:

GD32330C-START wired with jumper cables

  • Power the board via the USB port (CN100).
  • Verify the Connection with e.g. J-Link Commander. The output should look as follows:

GD32F330CB Connect.PNG

Example projects

The following, example projects were created with the SEGGER Embedded Studio project wizard and run out-of-the-box on the GD32330C-START evaluation board.

Hello World

The simple Hello World example project can be downloaded here: Hello World example project

Minimum requirements

  • Embedded Studio Version 4.52 or later
  • J-Link V10 or later