GigaDevice GD32VW553K-START

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This article describes specifics for the GigaDevice GD32VW553K-START evaluation board.
GigaDevice-GD32VW553K-START GD32VW553K board.jpg

Preparing for J-Link

  • Connect the J-Link to: VTref@J9.1 GND@J9.4 TCK@Jx. TDI@Jx. TDO@Jx. RESET@Jx. .
  • Power the board via J8.
  • Verify the Connection with e.g. J-Link Commander. The output should look as follows:


Example Project

The following example project was created with the SEGGER Embedded Studio project wizard and runs out-of-the-box on the GigaDevice GD32VW553K-START.
It is a simple Hello World sample linked into the internal flash.