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The J-Link software package includes multiple applications, some of which are command line applications (CLI), while other applications come with a graphical user interface (GUI). This article goes into more detail regarding the GUI software of the J-Link software package.

List of J-Link GUI applications

Currently, the J-Link software package includes the following GUI software:

1 Currently available for Windows only

Additionally, the J-Link DLL can create GUI dialogs, e.g. when programming flash memory or when updating the J-Link firmware.

Supported operating systems

All J-Link GUI software is available for Windows, macOS and Linux (any exceptions are mentioned above in the list of J-Link GUI applications).


  • SEGGER cannot guarantee for proper appearance of the GUI when using Linux in combination with the Ice Window Manager (IceWM).
  • On Linux, there are additional requirements necessary.


For problems regarding the J-Link GUI software, please refer to the following article: