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J-Link supports assigning a nickname to it to make it easily distinguishable from other J-Links by more then only the serial number. This especially makes sense in large scale setups where there are multiple J-Links connected to a PC for testing (test farms) etc.


In the following, the requirements to use the nickname feature are listed.

  • The nickname feature is supported by V6.49a and later of the J-Link software: Download
  • For an overview which models support the J-Link nickname feature, please refer to the model feature overview

Where the nickname is shown

J-Link selection dialog with nickname

The nickname is shown in two places:

  • J-Link Configurator
  • J-Link Selection dialog

How to asign a nickname

Set the nickname in the J-Link Configurator

A nickname can only be assigned to the J-Link via the J-Link Configurator. To assign a nickname in the Configurator, double-click (or right-click->Configure) the J-Link you want to assign a nickname to and write it into the "Nickname" section.


  • The nickname cannot exceed a length of 32 characters
  • Only ASCII characters are valid
  • The nickname must not contain any periods (' . ')
  • The nickname must not contain any colons (' : ')
  • After assigning a nickname, the J-Link must be power-cycled for the changes to take effect
  • The J-Link's firmware is supposed to be up to date