O2Micro OZ935xx

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The OZ935xx series device family is a highly integrated high performance battery management sytem integrated circuit to monitor and project up to 10 battery cells in series.

Debug Support

The J-Link supports SWD debugging for the O2Micro OZ935xx series devices, with J-LInk Version 7.11b and later.

On-Chip Memory Regions

The internal flash is divided into 5 different regions:

Instance Name Size (bytes) Memory region
MTP Flash 32768 0x00010000 - 0x00017FFF
Information Area 128 0x00018000 - 0x0001807F
EEPROM Area 512 0x00019000 - 0x000191FF
  • The EEPROM Area can only be read byte-wise.
  • J-Link supports the MTP Flash as well as Information Area starting at 0x18040. Information Area 0x18000 - 0x1803F is not wirtable.

Evaluation Boards

  • O2Micro OZ935xx evaluation board: TBD

Example Application