J-Link Configurator

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J-Link Configurator - Main window

The J-Link Configurator is a cross platform (Windows, Linux and MacOS) GUI application to configure certain features of a J-Link, J-Trace or Flasher. It is part of the J-Link Software and Documentation Pack available on the SEGGER Homepage.


In most cases, no configuration is required, especially when using J-Link via USB, as it is designed to work out-of-the-box. If required, the following settings can be changed via the J-Link Configurator:

  • Re-configuring older J-Links to be identified by their real serial number when enumerating on the host PC (required when connecting > 3 older J-Links to one host pc)
  • Configuration of the IP settings (use DHCP, IP address, subnet mask, ...) of a J-Link supporting the Ethernet interface
  • Enabling/Disabling VCOM functionality, if supported.
  • Updating the firmware of multiple emulators connected via USB or TCP/IP easily.
  • Adding a nickname to an emulator.

Configure J-Links using the J-Link Configurator

J-Link Configurator - Configuration dialog

A J-Link can be configured easily by selecting the appropriate J-Link from the emulator list and using right click -> Configure or double-clicking it.

Configuring DHCP and IP

This feature is only available for emulators (e.g J-Link) with an Ethernet interface. To manually configure the IP settings of the connected emulator, under IP Configuration click on Manual.

Enabling/Disabling VCOM

To configure VCOM, click on "Enable VCOM" (requires emulator reset)

Adding a Nickname

A nickname can be assigned to a connected emulator to make it easier to recognize. This nickname will also be shown in the device selection dialog.

Configuring Bootmode

To configure Boot mode for J-Link, selcet "J-Link" (requires emulator reset)
To configure Boot mode for CMSIS, selcet "CMSIS" (requires emulator reset)