Nuvoton M471x

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The Nuvoton M471x series are 32-bit low-power microcontrollers based on the Arm® Cortex®-M4 processor.

Flash Banks

Internal Flash

Device Base address Size J-Link Support
M471MDx 0x00000000 64 KB YES.png
M471SDx 0x00000000 64 KB YES.png
M471R1Dx 0x00000000 64 KB YES.png
M471MEx 0x00000000 128 KB YES.png
M471SEx 0x00000000 128 KB YES.png
M471R1Ex 0x00000000 128 KB YES.png

Device Specifc Handling


  • The devices uses normal Cortex-M reset, no special handling necessary, like described here.

Evaluation Boards

Example Application