Raspberry Pi RP2040

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This article covers the Raspberry Pi RP2040 device, an arm Cortex-M0+ dualcore MCU with up to 133 MHz Clock. It is the first MCU designed and published by Raspberry Pi. The RP2040 is present on the Raspberry Pi Pico evaluation board.

Features (selection)

Stat Specification
Core Dualcore M0+
Internal flash No internal flash (ext. QSPI supported)
Pins (multifunc) 30 GPIOs
Pins (dedicated) 6 SPI IOs

For further information please refer to the Raspberry Pi Pico web page

J-Link Support

The Raspberry Pi RP2040 is fully supported by J-Link. Support was implemented with J-Link Software Pack V6.96.

Note:There seems to be a chip specific issue when trying to reconnect to the target device or if you switch connecttion to the second core. Instead of power cycling this can be solved by connecting Reset (Pin 15) from the J-Link to Pin "RUN" (Chip enable/Reset) of the RP2040.

Sample projects