AutoChips AC7801x

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The AutoChips AC7801x series are microcontrollers based on Cortex-M0+.

Internal Flash

The internal flash can have a maximum size of 128KB.

Supported Regions

The internal flash is divided into 2 different regions:

  • Application space (0x080000000 up to 0x08020000)
  • Option bytes (0x08040000 to 0x0804002F)
    • Removing the read-protection (RDP) is supported by the J-Link (Note: Removing the RDP will trigger a mass-erase of the complete application flash)

Option bytes

Programming the option bytes is supported by the J-Link. Setting different protection levels (read-protection or write-protection) can be achieved with one of the following procedures:

  1. Program the option bytes as a part of the data/application file (Sample HEX file - RDP is set: File:AutoChips ATC0113 EVK Application Option Byte Sample.hex)
  2. Program the option bytes manually through the Exit steps of J-Flash: UM08003 J-Flash Exit steps

Evaluation Boards