GigaDevice GD32E5

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The GigaDevice GD32E5 series are 32-bit general-purpose microcontrollers based on the ARM Cortex-M33 processor.

Flash Banks

Internal Flash

Flash Bank Base address Size J-Link Support
Main flash 0x08000000 Up to 512 KB YES.png
Option Bytes 0x1FFFF800 16 B YES.png
OTP Bytes 0x1FFF7000 512 B NO.png

Watchdog Handling

  • The device does have 2 watchdogs, FWDGT and WWDGT.
  • The WWDGT watchdog is fed during flash programming.

Device Specific Handling


  • On Connect, protection level is checked. For further information regarding this, please click here.


  • The device uses normal Cortex-M reset, no special handling necessary, like described here.

Evaluation Boards

Example Application