Nordic Semiconductor nRF91xx

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The nRF91 series is a Cellular IoT SiPs from Nordic Semiconductor using the ARM Cortex-M33 as a dedicated application processor, fully programmable for the user. The nRF91x1 family is supported since J-Link software version V7.92m.

Internal Flash

Supported Regions

nRF9131, nRF9161

Flash Bank Base address Size J-Link Support
Code flash 0x00000000 Up to 1 MB YES.png
UICR Config 0x00FF8000 Up to 256 B YES.png
UICR OTP Bytes 0x00FF8108 Up to 760 B YES.png
UICR KeySlots 0x00FF8400 Up to 10240 B NO.png


Memory Address Size
SRAM 0x20000000 256 KB


Security / Authentication

nRF91 Series uses special debug locking mechanism. To gain access to debugging features the following steps should be performed: 1) UICR registers should be configured to enable debug port. 2) User application should set corresponding registers to open access to debug port.

Optionally J-Link can perform a full chip erase, to temporarily reopen debug access until next power reset.

Evaluation Boards